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Parody of Jay Z's "Jigga What Jigga Who." Calling out Xigga energy. Learn more about Xigga: www.xiggauniverse.com


Xigga what Xigga who
Xigga what Xigga who

Rock your rhythm and live your flow
Move like water
We see you yo

Ain’t playing small, let my light glow
Xigga stay woke
Knock knock. hello!

Invisible when I was growing up
So I watched people thinking I’d never be enough
Of this or that, too light, too fat, too black
Too much, too shy, to matter of fact

Matter fact make art of this identity
Living out loud unapologetically
Check yourself then let yourself be
Divine cre-a-ti-vi-ty

Gaudiness is my godliness
Xigga body giving praise to the goddesses
Folks tryna make fun of me
Shaved head, Black skin, sexuality
Used to care what people had to say
Letting others mold me like I’m a piece of clay
Being seen felt like being in a zoo cage
On display
Tight rope Cirque Soleil

Now I’m living rainbow proud
Gonna live my life out loud
Cuz I wanna be seen
Fuck the nameless, faceless crowd!

Check the sequence wearing sequins
I’m a gold-glitter, go-getter Afro-genius.

What?! Xigga who?

That quiet voice that be sitting in your belly
Or the back of your throat like peanut butter jelly
Speak your mind. On the grind. Then you’ll find
God divine is you already

Uncheck the boxes they find for me
Be confining me, defining me
Dance wit contradictions, complexities
This vortex called life be perplexin’ me

Black and Jewish, you could say i was born lil mixed up
Living on the margins but I always keep my chin up
Call me a mutt, I live in the intersections
Raising questions, I’m an interjection.

Xigga what Xigga who
Xigga what Xigga who

My fears been a load to carry
Xigga funeral got shit to bury
Got bags. Got guards. Got walls 20 feet tall
Composting in a cemetery

Call me Xigga alchemist
Graveyard is the genesis
Got a coffin for playing small
Rest in peace you angry unforgiving perfectionist!

After fear is the after life
New beginnings at the crossroads of death and life
X marks the spot
Living outside the box
Xigga stay woke
Xigga take flight

Fear is so sneaky
It deceits me,
defeats me, beats me and deletes me
Normativity, mediocrity
Cancer killing off the world of possibility

Mix it up, matrix code-switch it up
Neo red pill, we live to interrupt
This so-called reality,
Dream walkin’ xigga what

Xigga what Xigga who
Xigga what Xigga who

Rock your rhythm and live your flow
Move like water
We see you yo

Ain’t playing small, let my light glow
Xigga stay woke
Knock knock. hello!

Exist. Exert. Expand. Excite.
Give X new life
Give X new life

Like Malcolm X
Harriet Tubman
Like Nina Simone “I’m feeling good”
Like James Baldwin
Like Ghandi “First they ignore. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.”
Like Assata Shakur
Like Bob Marley “Exodus. Move jah people!”

Like Erykah Badu “I stay woke”
Like William Alexander Brown
The Nicholas Brothers
Josephine Baker will make you move

Knock knock hello

What up Xigga?!


from Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape (Explicit), released June 19, 2014
Original lyrics written by Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris
Vocals by Ema Lou
Engineered by Elus



all rights reserved


Colored Girls Hustle New York

Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris of Colored Girls Hustle LLC have made a funkyfresh-sistergirl-rap-duo out of their friendship spanning a decade. Combining ‘90’s flavor with afrofuturist ideologies and crunk bravado, this rap duo comes together to share what’s going on in the world, explore how it impacts their lives and communities, and to imagine new possibilities. ... more

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