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An original song expressing gratitude for the universe and giving thanks for the folks who supported the Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape Indiegogo fundraising campaign.


VERSE (Taja)
Here we go here we go here we go
Giving thanks for all I that know
Giving thanks for mama and the fam
And ancestors who came before dem
Said I got what I need
Gratitude is a seed
In the unknown
Infinite possibility

I travel safe
Keep the faith
Food to eat
Place to sleep
Make mistakes
Sewing what I reap

You give
I give
You give
I give
Give thanks
Do it again

You give
I give
You give
I give
Give thanks
Do it again

VERSE (Jessica)
Look to the moon, that moves the ocean
Stirs our souls and keeps us flowing
In this solar atmosphere
Giving thanks for being here
For being heard, for being present
All our blessings and our lessons

Call it god or call it chi
Call it divine energy
It's magnetic how we grooving
So Kinetic, making movements
How the universe conspires
Keeps us lifted, brings us higher

Called on the team
Friends and family
To donate money
Raised 8Gs On indiegogo
Now we on pluto
Dynamic Duo
Reach for stars
Write these bars
Giving thanks for bringing us this far

Give thanks to Misha, Jen and Terence
Alex and Brittney Edmonds
Lig and Maya, Khane, and Moya
Mia, Ari, Lurie the lawyer

Chauvet and Jen, Griffin, Colleen
Lumumba, Vic, Zakia, Kwane,
Valencia, Heather, Jazmine,
Nichole, Justus

We be jamming
We be jamming
We be jamming

Give thanks
Give thanks
Give thanks

Do it again!

Oronike, Paul and Carolyn
The Valoris fam and Julian

Jennifer Andie, Addie
Brian, Farah, Nefertiti
Audrey, Christy, and Michal
Sydette, Jaime, thank them all

Nzinga, Dior and Wema
Lawanda and Bekezela
Christine, Sasha and Jaronda
Kazembe and Monica

Daromie and Zanetta
Stephanie and Martina
Keeps us lifted
Brings us higher

Give thanks

Do it again!


from Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape (Explicit), released June 19, 2014
Original lyrics written by Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris
Engineered by Elus
Produced by Ralleyrahrah



all rights reserved


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Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris of Colored Girls Hustle LLC have made a funkyfresh-sistergirl-rap-duo out of their friendship spanning a decade. Combining ‘90’s flavor with afrofuturist ideologies and crunk bravado, this rap duo comes together to share what’s going on in the world, explore how it impacts their lives and communities, and to imagine new possibilities. ... more

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