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Parody of Rick Ross' "Everyday I'm Hustling." An anthem for colored girls who hustle hard.


We ain’t chasing paper (nope!), we hustle for our purpose (yup!)
Driven by our passion, digging past the surface
It ain’t always easy, sometimes we get nervous
Higher purpose, for community, we call it service

We using courage to be our highest, boldest self
Manifesting potential, generating wealth
Redefining work—pleasure, holistic health
We inspire others by starting with ourselves

My purpose deserves this its like a higher calling
Digging deep, building up, staying fly, taking trips, but never falling
Making moves to inspire creativity
Our children need knowledge and power to build legacy
Not slaves to reality, full of possibility
Manifesting visions to be the change we wish to see

These politicians got it twisted (what?!), call us out our name
Shame and blame, politricking like a fucking game
Scared of our power they tryna tame
Using lies and deceit as the main frame

Some hustle paper (paper!), some hustle crack (whack!)
Hustlin our people, hustlin that yak
They got the big cars whippin in they maybach
Mama stackin bills and bodies while they talking racks on racks?!

Real hustlers know our power: see, we create
We are worthy of self-love so we celebrate
Invigorate, activate our creativity
We do our best in everything
It’s called integrity

Everyday we hustling
Colored. Girls. Hustle. Hard.

I’m no perfectionist, I make mistakes (true!)
Hustle hard through several drafts and multiple takes
Growth is a journey, not a destination
Faith unseen, the future is an estimation
With possibilities beyond imagination
Creating whole new worlds– imagine nation

I hustle hard for women, girls, people of color
Honor our creations, honor our mothers (hey ma!)
Helping people nurture talent and vision -uncover
Finding joy in purpose-driven hustles - discover

My hustle is more than tryna get by
My dreams don’t schuck and jive (nope!) they only multiply (yup!)
My art is thriving, my poetry is live and
I be painting worlds and colors that be inspiring (boop!)

When I hustle hard [hustle hard], I know my worth (I know my worth)
Late nights, sacrifice – I call it birth (Rick Ross grunt)

Jewelry is a product. Adornment is a practice
Been adorned our bodies before we cross the Atlantic
Ancient practice (what?) ancient practice (yup!)
Got handmade adornment for the fly axis

Everybody tryna keep it real (but)
Its time to heal (yup!)
That video life (huh?)
That shit aint real
That’s how you feel? (Yup!)
That’s how I feel (What?)
Its time to heal (Yup!)
Its time to keep it real

Everyday we hustlin
Black girls hustle hard/Brown girls/Mixed chics hustle hard
Poets, dancers hustle hard
Visionaries revolutionaries hustle hard

Sage, lemon, whole wheat, honey, herbal tea
My nourishment when I’m late night hustling

I make moves
Definition of a hustle
I take my vitamins
Stay off that robutussin
I don’t make paper, but I’m bout that green [heeey!]
A lil buddha and that kale keeps my body mean
I’m on that vegetary life, its my tofu hustle
And I be meditating right, thats spirit muscle


from Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape (Explicit), released June 19, 2014
Original lyrics by Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris
Engineered by Elus



all rights reserved


Colored Girls Hustle New York

Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris of Colored Girls Hustle LLC have made a funkyfresh-sistergirl-rap-duo out of their friendship spanning a decade. Combining ‘90’s flavor with afrofuturist ideologies and crunk bravado, this rap duo comes together to share what’s going on in the world, explore how it impacts their lives and communities, and to imagine new possibilities. ... more

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