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Parody of Nicki Minaj's Beez in the Trap." A truth-telling song that calls out the traps of student loans, higher education, surveillance, and technology.


In the matrix
Superman ain’t coming
We going underground
Get free like tubman.
We beez in the trap, beez beez in the trap
We beez in the trap, beez beez in the trap

VERSE (Taja)
Imagine me, class of 2003
Little Black girl with big dreams
Full of possibility
On the come up so you know I went to college
New York University
Dream school, seeking knowledge

Damn. Shit’s expensive!
Nobody told me
the cost would be
80 Gs of debt
Sallie Mae don’t forget
Said they coming to collect
Pay a lifetime of presidents
Overpaid college presidents
Inflated, overrated, college educated
Little worker bees
Said we beez in the trap

We making our wages
Still live in cages
Chasing our tails
For fairytales
Higher education ain’t the holy grail
Keep us on a leash
Using dollars and degrees as collars
Call us scholars

Check our accolades
Everything under my name
We ain’t in school but we still getting grades
Got credit scores and background checks
Criminal records and drug tests
I pledge allegiance to surveillance and protect-ion
Watch my every move and internet connect-ion
Got GPS for every turn and direct-ion
Assata on the run
Bounty for freedom fighters
Don’t forget where we come from
Or we’re going

I fly like paper, get high like planes
Got that Wifi mind travel
Google search my name
Internet domain
Information age
Xigga phone home
Hit me up mane!

Can I get my life please?
Hi I’d like to apply to live life on my own terms?

Sorry, your call has been disconnected...

hello? huh? what? shit

VERSE (Jessica)
Land of the free?
Home of the brave?
Flip the coin and you’ll see
We overworked and underpaid

We nickel and dimin’ it
Stay overtiming it
Bzzzz bzzz worker beez
Endangered environment

We distracted and reactive,
In a panic, yperactive
Thinking we caught up, but we captive
The 1% be busy mackin
While we busy paying taxes
And the fact is
The hypocricsy is tragic
Global poverty’s systematic

They clockin me… Oshkosh bgoshing me
All these Speeding cameras
I swear its like they stalking me.

Big. Brother. Read. 1984.
Life aint a game, but somebody’s keeping score
Looking thru your walls, checking on your timelines
peeping in the doors, infecting our underground pipelines

Call me crazy, we all beez in the trap
Self surveillance we clocking ourselves thru our mobile apps
Optimum online, movin on up like the jeffersons
Everything on demand but ya betta check yo preferences

Fast food nation Instant gratification
This mickey dees reality Is spiritual starvation

You can’t eat dollars
And google won’t heal you
Facebook house your profile
But can’t house the people

We gotta activate our human technology
A prodigy for the people
A universal odyssey


Damn, this the land of the free?
I don’t know man, they asking for a payment
In the trap but i’m going into training
coming for me but they can’t control my whole life

Damn, we bout to be free?
I don’t know man, I can almost taste it
Cant waste it, my freedom is sacred
Coming for me but they can’t control my whole life


from Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape (Explicit), released June 19, 2014
Original lyrics written by Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris
Engineered by Elus



all rights reserved


Colored Girls Hustle New York

Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris of Colored Girls Hustle LLC have made a funkyfresh-sistergirl-rap-duo out of their friendship spanning a decade. Combining ‘90’s flavor with afrofuturist ideologies and crunk bravado, this rap duo comes together to share what’s going on in the world, explore how it impacts their lives and communities, and to imagine new possibilities. ... more

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