Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape (Explicit)

by Colored Girls Hustle

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The Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape is using powerful beats and powerful words to catalyze audacious self-expression and authentic living. We speak from our lived experiences as Black women to affirm, honor and celebrate how our communities hustle hard for justice, creativity, and wellness.

Music is a powerful thing. It’s a tool. It’s magic. It’s food. The messages we feed ourselves have life and power. The mixtape is an adventure in creating movements -- in our bodies, in our spirits, with our voices. We are inspiring other people and ourselves to make bold movements in the world. This is the groundwork for our vision of hustle: doing passion-filled and purpose–driven work. Hustle from your heart and for your dreams.

Our impact? Feel good in your life. Feel good in your work. Bump this in your car, in your headphones, on campuses, in classrooms, parties and bedrooms. Sing along. Be affirmed. Voice these lyrics when you walk down the street, when you exercise, when you twerk in the mirror -- #lookbackatit.


released June 19, 2014

Original lyrics by Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris
Guest artists: Chaunda "Dezi" Brown, Jasmine Eileen Coles, Audrey Elaine Hailes, Ema Lou, Kelly Thomas
Engineers: Elus and Sincere King
Producers: Ron Roosevelt, Ralleyrahrah



all rights reserved


Colored Girls Hustle New York

Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris of Colored Girls Hustle LLC have made a funkyfresh-sistergirl-rap-duo out of their friendship spanning a decade. Combining ‘90’s flavor with afrofuturist ideologies and crunk bravado, this rap duo comes together to share what’s going on in the world, explore how it impacts their lives and communities, and to imagine new possibilities. ... more

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Track Name: Jumpsuits & Tutus
jumpsuits and tutus
jumpsuits and tutus
jumpsuits and tutus
jumpsuits and tutus

My name is Taja like Taj Mahal
Came to represent Colored Girls Hustle Hard
And I’m dope
No -- that ain’t conceit
I know myself, know my worth
Tell the truth authentically

I’m a wild seed
I like to read
Ntozake, Octavia and Toni
I’m living life by my own design
I hustle hard, know my worth, stay on the grind

jumpsuits and tutus
jumpsuits and tutus
jumpsuits and tutus
jumpsuits and tutus

I’m not dropping bars I’m dropping keys
I’m not killing it I’m planting seeds
I can spell it out cuz I wanna be
The F to the R to the double E

An 80s baby with some 90s flavor
Lighting up my path call me a trailblazer
Or call me jess jess I got the funky flow
I rhymes like a turtle baby nice and slow

jumpsuits and tutus
jumpsuits and tutus

We stick together like
Bandaids and booboos
Wild truth tellers like
Griots and gurus
Keep it funky fresh with our
Hip hop and our hairdos
And our jumpsuits and our tutus

jumpsuits and tutus
jumpsuits and tutus
jumpsuits and tutus
jumpsuits and tutus
Track Name: Colored Girls Hustle Hard Anthem
We ain’t chasing paper (nope!), we hustle for our purpose (yup!)
Driven by our passion, digging past the surface
It ain’t always easy, sometimes we get nervous
Higher purpose, for community, we call it service

We using courage to be our highest, boldest self
Manifesting potential, generating wealth
Redefining work—pleasure, holistic health
We inspire others by starting with ourselves

My purpose deserves this its like a higher calling
Digging deep, building up, staying fly, taking trips, but never falling
Making moves to inspire creativity
Our children need knowledge and power to build legacy
Not slaves to reality, full of possibility
Manifesting visions to be the change we wish to see

These politicians got it twisted (what?!), call us out our name
Shame and blame, politricking like a fucking game
Scared of our power they tryna tame
Using lies and deceit as the main frame

Some hustle paper (paper!), some hustle crack (whack!)
Hustlin our people, hustlin that yak
They got the big cars whippin in they maybach
Mama stackin bills and bodies while they talking racks on racks?!

Real hustlers know our power: see, we create
We are worthy of self-love so we celebrate
Invigorate, activate our creativity
We do our best in everything
It’s called integrity

Everyday we hustling
Colored. Girls. Hustle. Hard.

I’m no perfectionist, I make mistakes (true!)
Hustle hard through several drafts and multiple takes
Growth is a journey, not a destination
Faith unseen, the future is an estimation
With possibilities beyond imagination
Creating whole new worlds– imagine nation

I hustle hard for women, girls, people of color
Honor our creations, honor our mothers (hey ma!)
Helping people nurture talent and vision -uncover
Finding joy in purpose-driven hustles - discover

My hustle is more than tryna get by
My dreams don’t schuck and jive (nope!) they only multiply (yup!)
My art is thriving, my poetry is live and
I be painting worlds and colors that be inspiring (boop!)

When I hustle hard [hustle hard], I know my worth (I know my worth)
Late nights, sacrifice – I call it birth (Rick Ross grunt)

Jewelry is a product. Adornment is a practice
Been adorned our bodies before we cross the Atlantic
Ancient practice (what?) ancient practice (yup!)
Got handmade adornment for the fly axis

Everybody tryna keep it real (but)
Its time to heal (yup!)
That video life (huh?)
That shit aint real
That’s how you feel? (Yup!)
That’s how I feel (What?)
Its time to heal (Yup!)
Its time to keep it real

Everyday we hustlin
Black girls hustle hard/Brown girls/Mixed chics hustle hard
Poets, dancers hustle hard
Visionaries revolutionaries hustle hard

Sage, lemon, whole wheat, honey, herbal tea
My nourishment when I’m late night hustling

I make moves
Definition of a hustle
I take my vitamins
Stay off that robutussin
I don’t make paper, but I’m bout that green [heeey!]
A lil buddha and that kale keeps my body mean
I’m on that vegetary life, its my tofu hustle
And I be meditating right, thats spirit muscle
Track Name: AfroAliens
We come in peace

Afro Aliens call us weird
Traveled through the galaxy and we landed here. Xigga.
Afro Aliens call us weird
Traveled through the galaxy and we landed here. Xigga.

VERSE (Taja)
I like to date girls
You can call me queer
Femme and fabulous
Is the new frontier

Nails did, hair did, everything did
Na-Na-Nails did, hair did, everything did

Closets ain’t for me
So I’m proudly here
No hiding, no shame, won’t disappear
Told the fam, mama shed some tears
Challenged religious beliefs that they hold dear
Always been a rebel, call me pioneer
But I operate from heart. I’m so sincere

VERSE (Jessica)
We aint never made it, always living in the moment
Staying present in our lives, like god we omnipotent
As a little girl I was mad softspoken
Now I’m living loud and my passion is awoken
Yea I said it
I make words make sense no joke
If words sound power then I spoke
Read reality, write the future. End quote

Lift as we climb
Future undefined
All one people
Cuz our Spirits intertwined
Now is our time make the movements we desire
Travel around the sun, light a universal fire
Life’s a process, not a project
So I express and I connect
Finding god through self exploration
I’m a butterfly body, know thy self -- transformation

VERSE (Taja)
If you’ve been to the bottom, don’t be ashamed
Don’t wallow in regret and self-blame
Every moment of your life has a lesson
That you learned through the struggle and grow through pain (hey!)

We not coming up, we coming out
Becoming full self is what life’s about
When we grow, our people are growing too
We expand together, come enjoy the view

Afro Aliens call us weird
Traveled through the galaxy and we landed here. Xigga.
Afro Aliens call us weird
Traveled through the galaxy and we landed here. Xigga.

Futuristic sistas got your back
Love and abundance is what we attract
We not here just for entertainment
Our boldness is making a statement

Luminary sol sistas got your back
Love and abundance is what we attract
We not here just for entertainment
Lookin brand new, this shit is oh so ancient RAAAAHHH!

ET phone home
Colored Girls Hustle Hard is a movement (yup)
We ain’t never been on bottom (nope)
We started from the top
We created this
Coming from the galaxy we all made from stardust
(North. South. East. West. All directions. Omnipresent. SAT words Xigga)
Track Name: Ooo Oh #PirateBooty
Ooo Oh
Ooo Oh
Do the ooo oh
Get it!

Plant your feet
Touch your knees
Arch your back
Then you squeeze
Drop it low
Scrape the flo’
Bring it up
And body roll

Back to back
Turn around
Grab a friend
Bend it down
Hand clap
Miss Mary Mac
Bounce slow Ooo oh
Like a yoyo

VERSE (Jessica)
Looking at this woman in the glass in front me
Feeling good no room for insecurity
I got the music on high, stay vibrating
And I’m in a trance, swaying like I’m meditating

Feeling it, Killing it, Lose control
Let the beat be the boss, moves my soul
Kick the air, catch the wind with my right hand
Then I bring it back down slow like quicksand
Roll my hips back and forth like a seesaw
Face full of attitude, ooooo lawd
Love myself and loving my body
Twerk it in the mirror in the morning lift my energy

Some say you ain't acting like a lady
Others watching side eye, call me crazy
Some sisters raise a brow
some be like show me how
Don't matter if I twerk for my self
If I twerk for a man or I twerk for my health
No bars, no policing my pleasure
Claim my booty like a pirate. Treasure.

Arrrgh oh
Ooo.. Oh
Do the ooo oh
Get it!

Plant your feet
Touch your knees
Arch your back
Then you squeeze
Drop it low
Scrape the flo’
Bring it up
And body roll

Back to back
Turn around
Grab a friend
Bend it down
Hand clap
Miss Mary Mac
Bounce slow Ooo oh
Like a yoyo

VERSE (Taja)
Bandz don’t make me dance
I do this shit for free
Throwing off my chains
Plant my feet like trees
I wind it, I grind it
I’m getting it, I’m killing it
Duck walk and duck lips
Looking back
I see you feeling it

I know you want some
When you see me twerk some
Come and get it
When I give an invitation
Time ain’t for wasting
Don’t be mad if I say no
And don’t need your participation

Sometimes I twerk alone
Do it solo
Booty shaking’s how I get free
Ancient practice, root chakra
Queen Nanny
Catching bullets in my butt cheeks

I pussy pop for freedom
I pussy pop for fun
Drop it low for liberation
We shall overcome

Ooo oh
Ooo oh
Do the ooo oh
Get it!

VERSE (Dezi)
Hit it hit it
Who care who wit it
When i’m poppin this booty
Got to give this booty credit
Yo i mix it up
I one drop and I switch it up
I island whine and island grind
Watching me you loose your time
Call me sunkiss cuz this booty shine

But honestly I dont pop for her
I don't pop for him
I pop for me
This booty is my dignity
And this booty I’m on a winning streak


I'm feeling light
For night
The mood is right
Don't wanna fight
Just a ooo oh
ooo oh
See my hips roll
Ooo oh
Ooo oh
Watch me move slow
Track Name: Xigga What
Xigga what Xigga who
Xigga what Xigga who

Rock your rhythm and live your flow
Move like water
We see you yo

Ain’t playing small, let my light glow
Xigga stay woke
Knock knock. hello!

Invisible when I was growing up
So I watched people thinking I’d never be enough
Of this or that, too light, too fat, too black
Too much, too shy, to matter of fact

Matter fact make art of this identity
Living out loud unapologetically
Check yourself then let yourself be
Divine cre-a-ti-vi-ty

Gaudiness is my godliness
Xigga body giving praise to the goddesses
Folks tryna make fun of me
Shaved head, Black skin, sexuality
Used to care what people had to say
Letting others mold me like I’m a piece of clay
Being seen felt like being in a zoo cage
On display
Tight rope Cirque Soleil

Now I’m living rainbow proud
Gonna live my life out loud
Cuz I wanna be seen
Fuck the nameless, faceless crowd!

Check the sequence wearing sequins
I’m a gold-glitter, go-getter Afro-genius.

What?! Xigga who?

That quiet voice that be sitting in your belly
Or the back of your throat like peanut butter jelly
Speak your mind. On the grind. Then you’ll find
God divine is you already

Uncheck the boxes they find for me
Be confining me, defining me
Dance wit contradictions, complexities
This vortex called life be perplexin’ me

Black and Jewish, you could say i was born lil mixed up
Living on the margins but I always keep my chin up
Call me a mutt, I live in the intersections
Raising questions, I’m an interjection.

Xigga what Xigga who
Xigga what Xigga who

My fears been a load to carry
Xigga funeral got shit to bury
Got bags. Got guards. Got walls 20 feet tall
Composting in a cemetery

Call me Xigga alchemist
Graveyard is the genesis
Got a coffin for playing small
Rest in peace you angry unforgiving perfectionist!

After fear is the after life
New beginnings at the crossroads of death and life
X marks the spot
Living outside the box
Xigga stay woke
Xigga take flight

Fear is so sneaky
It deceits me,
defeats me, beats me and deletes me
Normativity, mediocrity
Cancer killing off the world of possibility

Mix it up, matrix code-switch it up
Neo red pill, we live to interrupt
This so-called reality,
Dream walkin’ xigga what

Xigga what Xigga who
Xigga what Xigga who

Rock your rhythm and live your flow
Move like water
We see you yo

Ain’t playing small, let my light glow
Xigga stay woke
Knock knock. hello!

Exist. Exert. Expand. Excite.
Give X new life
Give X new life

Like Malcolm X
Harriet Tubman
Like Nina Simone “I’m feeling good”
Like James Baldwin
Like Ghandi “First they ignore. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.”
Like Assata Shakur
Like Bob Marley “Exodus. Move jah people!”

Like Erykah Badu “I stay woke”
Like William Alexander Brown
The Nicholas Brothers
Josephine Baker will make you move

Knock knock hello

What up Xigga?!
Track Name: Beez
In the matrix
Superman ain’t coming
We going underground
Get free like tubman.
We beez in the trap, beez beez in the trap
We beez in the trap, beez beez in the trap

VERSE (Taja)
Imagine me, class of 2003
Little Black girl with big dreams
Full of possibility
On the come up so you know I went to college
New York University
Dream school, seeking knowledge

Damn. Shit’s expensive!
Nobody told me
the cost would be
80 Gs of debt
Sallie Mae don’t forget
Said they coming to collect
Pay a lifetime of presidents
Overpaid college presidents
Inflated, overrated, college educated
Little worker bees
Said we beez in the trap

We making our wages
Still live in cages
Chasing our tails
For fairytales
Higher education ain’t the holy grail
Keep us on a leash
Using dollars and degrees as collars
Call us scholars

Check our accolades
Everything under my name
We ain’t in school but we still getting grades
Got credit scores and background checks
Criminal records and drug tests
I pledge allegiance to surveillance and protect-ion
Watch my every move and internet connect-ion
Got GPS for every turn and direct-ion
Assata on the run
Bounty for freedom fighters
Don’t forget where we come from
Or we’re going

I fly like paper, get high like planes
Got that Wifi mind travel
Google search my name
Internet domain
Information age
Xigga phone home
Hit me up mane!

Can I get my life please?
Hi I’d like to apply to live life on my own terms?

Sorry, your call has been disconnected...

hello? huh? what? shit

VERSE (Jessica)
Land of the free?
Home of the brave?
Flip the coin and you’ll see
We overworked and underpaid

We nickel and dimin’ it
Stay overtiming it
Bzzzz bzzz worker beez
Endangered environment

We distracted and reactive,
In a panic, yperactive
Thinking we caught up, but we captive
The 1% be busy mackin
While we busy paying taxes
And the fact is
The hypocricsy is tragic
Global poverty’s systematic

They clockin me… Oshkosh bgoshing me
All these Speeding cameras
I swear its like they stalking me.

Big. Brother. Read. 1984.
Life aint a game, but somebody’s keeping score
Looking thru your walls, checking on your timelines
peeping in the doors, infecting our underground pipelines

Call me crazy, we all beez in the trap
Self surveillance we clocking ourselves thru our mobile apps
Optimum online, movin on up like the jeffersons
Everything on demand but ya betta check yo preferences

Fast food nation Instant gratification
This mickey dees reality Is spiritual starvation

You can’t eat dollars
And google won’t heal you
Facebook house your profile
But can’t house the people

We gotta activate our human technology
A prodigy for the people
A universal odyssey


Damn, this the land of the free?
I don’t know man, they asking for a payment
In the trap but i’m going into training
coming for me but they can’t control my whole life

Damn, we bout to be free?
I don’t know man, I can almost taste it
Cant waste it, my freedom is sacred
Coming for me but they can’t control my whole life
Track Name: Get Out My Head Yo! #MonsterBoo
Fear aka doubt. Aka excuses. Aka racism. You’se a got-damn lie! You’se a thief! Had me acting shy and shit. Had me hiding out and shit. Had me late and shit. Had me hating people and shit. Had me stuck and shit. That ain’t me! You ain’t me! Courage is my authenticity. Fuck outta here!

So I took a leap of faith and fear came out to play
Playing hide ‘n seek with my spirit but this is what I had to say
Get my head yo! I ain’t neva scared
Get my head yo! I ain’t neva scared
Get my head yo! I ain’t neva scared
I ain’t neva scared
I ain’t neva scared

Once upon a time, just yesterday
Two monsters in my head came out to play
One they named fear and other called doubt
And I can never pinpoint their whereabouts

You see they real deceptive like sabotage
Getting me caught up in they camouflage
Disguised as rationality, reason, practicality
Depriving my spirit of purpose and originality

Never take risk
Never make mistakes
Gotta stay perfect
In your bubble where it’s safe

Kept me paralyzed, always hesitating
Nervous that my dreams weren’t meant for me. Invalidating
Drowning in to do lists, next week, and maybe tomorrows
But today is a precious gift that tomorrow only borrows

Time is a trick, someday is a myth
These monsters got us caught up but i know they ain’t legit
They like the boogie man sneaking all under the bed
A vampire to my spirit tryna infiltrate my head.

get my head yo! get my head yo!
get out my head. get out my head.
get out my head. get out my head.

Fear got us having nightmares
We on Elm Street
Freddy Krueger killing dreams
While people sleep


I stay woke
Get the crust out my eye
Aim high
Fly high
I see it all clearly: fear’s a hoax

Wake up!

Used to be a sleepwalker
Clocking nine to five
Banking on bi-weekly checks just to stay alive
Shadow artist, dream stalker
Overworked and underpaid
Selling my time, unsatisfied, afraid

Courage dont mean that we moving like we fearless
It’s a conscious choice to prioritize our fierceness
Our wierdness or how I persevere this
No one is born just to try and get by
Gonna cross that bridge, we gotta walk that walk
Moving in the service of the visions that we talk
Do what makes you come alive,
Do what makes you shine and thrive
Guided by love
Awaits us on the otherside

When I take the stage: I ain’t neva scared!
When I write the page: I ain’t neva scared!

When I make mistakes: I ain’t neva scared!
When I go on dates: I ain’t neva scared!

When I hustle hard: I ain’t neva scared!
When I quit my job: I ain’t neva scared!

When I ask for help: I ain’t neva scared!
When I do it myself: I ain’t neva scared!

When I cut a rug: I ain’t neva scared!
When I kill a bug: I ain’t neva scared!

When I spit on the mic: I ain’t neva scared!
When I ride my bike: I ain’t neva scared!

When I teach the youth: I ain’t neva scared!
When I speak my truth: I ain’t neva scared!

When I choose to forgive: I ain’t neva scared!
When I choose to live: I ain’t neva scared!
Track Name: Mama Lullaby
Head held high, Queen with a crown,
She’s the truth -- no lie, holds us down

Mamas plant the seed for who we be

VERSE (Taja)
When I arrived it was 1985
Single Black mother struggling to survive
Working hard, round the clock, 365
Nights shifts, two jobs, just to get by

Raised me on her own -- it wasn’t easy
I was outspoken, no respect for authority
Put me on punishment, I was mad sneaky
Watching TV
Talking shit, she couldn’t hear me
Even though we fight, we’re so alike:
Sun sign, unrefined, worrisome, OCD

She don’t easily accept defeat
Went hungry so I could eat
The truth wasn’t sanitized*
Mom in raw form, no disguise
No such thing as discreet
Knowing everything makes childhood bittersweet

Not the best cook – always made frozen veggies
Packed my lunch. Couldn’t stand peanut butter jelly
At an early age, second grade
She schooled me
Sex education, pregnancy, STDs

Mama taught me how to be resilient
Lessons ain’t over, we still learning
The past needs closure, healing is deserving

Mamas plant the seed for who we be

VERSE (Jessica)
I’m writing this letter to my mother
Cuz I gotta tell the world how much I really love ya
No one above ya, my rock and my anchor
I appreciate ya, a mama bear gangster

You’re incredible, beautiful, amazing
I wish you could see how your light be emanating
Abundant heart, inner wisdom, bold spirit
You blushing cuz you humble, but yo you gotta to hear this

Life got rocky, made sure we did not suffer
Showed us that thru love we could bounce back and recover
As I discover the woman I’m born to be
I’m blessed that god put me in your tummy

Walk strong in the world, even when you feel shy
A quiet leader, but not afraid to speak your mind
You love with all your heart, your caring is tenacious
Always on the grind, inspire me to be courageous

Sometimes we argue, sometimes we disagree
You worry too much, and I just wish that you could see
I’m grateful and thankful, you always in my corner
Always got my back, you be my biggest supporter

Transformer, you let me find my rhythm
Took me a while, but now i can finally listen
to your resilience, all that you’ve achieved
You live by your word, standard of integrity

You a soldier and a leader, you a healer, and seeker
Sometimes we are a student sometimes we are the teacher
We live with principles and stand for our beliefs
Have faith, support others, nurture community

It runs in our genes, women of valor
Your love is so abundant that I’ll always be empowered
How can i give back all that you have given me
Next time I’ll birth you for reciprocity.

When I was a little girl
Taught me the whole wide world
And it was plain to see
She was my destiny
With her I’d spend my time
I’d emulate my life
She sacrificed for me
Dedicated life to me

VERSE (Taja)
Everyday we giving thanks for mamas giving birth*
Shaping life coming in this world headfirst
Doula of my dreams*, mother-daughter team*
God is a woman, center of the universe

Pregnant or parenting
They be shaping history
Cesarean, adoption, vaginal deliveries
Different abilities
Young, old, adult, teen
Single, dating, partnered, divorced or married
Grandmamas, aunties, and nannies
Transgender mommies
Queer-led families
From margin to center, any race or gender
We celebrate every mother in our community

Pregnant having babies, having abortions
Speaking truth to power with fists and raised voices
Mamas are hustlers, making hard choices
Buying food, paying bills with few resources

Don’t get it twisted, she ain’t perfect
Human too, worthy of praise and worship
For her grind, contradictions and mistakes
Round like the Earth, she’s the core -- gravitate
Track Name: Do It Again #GiveThanks
VERSE (Taja)
Here we go here we go here we go
Giving thanks for all I that know
Giving thanks for mama and the fam
And ancestors who came before dem
Said I got what I need
Gratitude is a seed
In the unknown
Infinite possibility

I travel safe
Keep the faith
Food to eat
Place to sleep
Make mistakes
Sewing what I reap

You give
I give
You give
I give
Give thanks
Do it again

You give
I give
You give
I give
Give thanks
Do it again

VERSE (Jessica)
Look to the moon, that moves the ocean
Stirs our souls and keeps us flowing
In this solar atmosphere
Giving thanks for being here
For being heard, for being present
All our blessings and our lessons

Call it god or call it chi
Call it divine energy
It's magnetic how we grooving
So Kinetic, making movements
How the universe conspires
Keeps us lifted, brings us higher

Called on the team
Friends and family
To donate money
Raised 8Gs On indiegogo
Now we on pluto
Dynamic Duo
Reach for stars
Write these bars
Giving thanks for bringing us this far

Give thanks to Misha, Jen and Terence
Alex and Brittney Edmonds
Lig and Maya, Khane, and Moya
Mia, Ari, Lurie the lawyer

Chauvet and Jen, Griffin, Colleen
Lumumba, Vic, Zakia, Kwane,
Valencia, Heather, Jazmine,
Nichole, Justus

We be jamming
We be jamming
We be jamming

Give thanks
Give thanks
Give thanks

Do it again!

Oronike, Paul and Carolyn
The Valoris fam and Julian

Jennifer Andie, Addie
Brian, Farah, Nefertiti
Audrey, Christy, and Michal
Sydette, Jaime, thank them all

Nzinga, Dior and Wema
Lawanda and Bekezela
Christine, Sasha and Jaronda
Kazembe and Monica

Daromie and Zanetta
Stephanie and Martina
Keeps us lifted
Brings us higher

Give thanks

Do it again!